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Director: Maxim Afanasyev
Playwright: Alexander Zyryanov

A young family is living in the apartment of their lonely relative. They both have to put up with the fact that their uncle is an unemployed alcoholic, who not only doesn't want to do anything around the house,...


Inner Slavutych, 2014

Performance with slides


Director: Maxim Afanasyev

Playwrights: Mykola Homanyuk (text), Maxim Afanasyev (photo)


In consciousness of the inhabitant the city of Slavutych is mixed with a set of terrible stereotypes and ideas of the radioactive zone and...



Director: Maxim Afanasyev

Playwrights: Ekaterina Stavronskaya, Maxim Afanasyev

Mykola Homanyuk



Ctrl C + Ctrv V = Ctrl CV, Ctrl Curriculum Vitae. The performance “Ctrl CV” consists of biographies of the Company's employees which allow the audience to find themselves not...


Director: Maxim Afanasyev

Playwrights: Mykola Homanyuk, Adela Leric, Boris "Vjeva" Maric, Mirela Mijačank


Working with material including interviews to residents of the Bosnian city of Mostar, photos, video, self-reflections the group of authors decided to represent it...



Director: Mykola Homanyuk
Playwright: Mykola Homanyuk

Stories of individual lives are woven into life of the generation of those who vaguely remember how Lenin died, which means that these people also remember the War. Some of them fought, some were working in the re...



Directors: Maxim Afanasyev, Mykola Homanyuk

Playwrights: Elena Astasyeva, Natalia Blok, Alexander Zyryanov


Nina gets a job in a supermarket. She performs her duties diligently, trying to maintain communication in the team, although she has different interests in life....

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