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Artists, directors, drama, volonters

TOTEM CENTRE THEATRE LAB was created in 2012 as an artistic group working at the combination of performing arts, journalist investigations and social sciences in such spheres as documentary theatre, oral history and public activities.


TOTEM CENTRE THEATRE LAB was established by two Ukrainian non-profit organization – Kherson Regional Department of Sociological Association of Ukraine and Centre of Cultural Development ‘Totem’.


TOTEM CENTRE THEATRE LAB specifics of work imply a project approach. We do not conduct separately researches, we do not write just plays, we do not only stage theatrical performances, we are not engaged just in work with space and public. We realize projects which include all these parts – from search of a problem to its decision in the following chain: research-text-performance-presentation-discussion-lobbying. Therefore, we have no repertoire. Therefore, we are a laboratory, but not theater.

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