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Directed by Max Afanasyev

Dramatist – Caryl Churchill

Composer – Mykola Homanyuk

Cast: Arthur Sumarokov, Tetyana Andreeva, Alina Zalozna

The world society is in total dystopia. We are surrounded by countries, cities or individuals who are in such state permanently. The pla...


Macaroni with Sugar

Hyperrealist drama

Script – Ye.Markovski, O.Briukhovych, M.Homanyuk

Director – M.Afanasiev

Composer – R.Krasnovyd

Dresser – O.Afanasieva

Aktors – O.Kolbasin, A.Sarkisov, O.Smyrna, Ye.Markovski, O.Afanasieva, M.Homanyuk, A. Sumarokov, R.Krasnovyd, T.Andree...


Script – O.Astasieva

Director – M.Afanasiev

Composer – M.Homanyuk

Aktors – A.Sarkisov, Ju.Danylevska, Ye.Markovski, Ja.Lebedeva, M.Homanyuk, A.Sumarokov, R.Krasnovyd, T.Andreeva

Combining science fiction, comedic surrealism, and philosophical nihilism, “Aliens: Afterward”...


Directors – M.Afanasyev, M.Homanyuk

Text – M.Homanyuk, E.Yanenko

Composers – M.Homanyuk, B.Butov

The performance is based on the interviews with former workers from Kherson city. What does it mean to be a part of a Plant? We are used to label such people “small details”,...


Directors – M.Afanasyev, M.Homanyuk

Text – S.Volyazlovskyy, M.Homanyuk

Composers – M.Homanyuk, R.Krasnovyd

The plot of the performance is developing in two directions. Surrealistic love story of unemployed Ukrainian zoologist Petro and circus she-elephant Masha is unravel...


Director: Maxim Afanasyev

Choreographers : Yuliya Artemenko


When the reality and unreality come together, when the today’s body and brutality live side by side, when the substance exists only in motion, it’s time to cook chips.
When the reality and unreality come togeth...


Director – Maxim Afanasyev

Dramatists – Mykola Homanyuk, Yevgeniy Markovskiy

A conversation to himself – it is a verbatim performance, which represents the position and arguments of those who didn't support Maidan and Dignity Revolution. Since these people could not repr...



Audiovisual performance


Director: Mykola Homanyuk

Music video director: Maxim Afanasyev

Dramatist: Mykola Homanyuk

Composer: Mykola Homanyuk


A group of friends goes on travel. A terminal point is a Zaporizhia Nuclear Power Plant (ZNPP). It is the biggest active nuclear p...


Documentary happening

Director: Mykola Homanyuk

Playwright: Mykola Homanyuk


Actors: the guide, the art critic and the museum nurse within an hour acquaint the audience with works of the artist Alexander Zhukovsky and life of his family at his home. The cologne “Sasha”, A...



Director: Maxim Afanasyev

Playwrights: Mykola Homanyuk and Stella Cristofolini

Composer: Rodion Krasnovyd


Trailer is here:

Performance video version:


The German bark “Gorch Fock-I”, received by the USSR as the reparat...

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