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Far Away, 2018 (fragment, specially for the ‘Taking the stage’ British Council’s festival)

Directed by Max Afanasyev

Dramatist – Caryl Churchill

Composer – Mykola Homanyuk

Cast: Arthur Sumarokov, Tetyana Andreeva, Alina Zalozna

The world society is in total dystopia. We are surrounded by countries, cities or individuals who are in such state permanently. The play demonstrates the isolation of the majority of people from what is happening, their belief in the fact that nothing depends on them. In this case, the protagonists convinced themselves in the correctness of the surrounding world, although they doubt about. And only children and dolls have the right to express their doubts aloud.

We are talking about the fixing of modern society on the past, which is just an illusion of the past, but it is the present in reality. At the same time, the future is conceived as a return to the "perfect past" of the non-existent "golden age." Detachment from the future, the inability to think about the future opens the gate for the mystification.

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