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Macaroni with Sugar. 2017

Macaroni with Sugar

Hyperrealist drama

Script – Ye.Markovski, O.Briukhovych, M.Homanyuk

Director – M.Afanasiev

Composer – R.Krasnovyd

Dresser – O.Afanasieva

Aktors – O.Kolbasin, A.Sarkisov, O.Smyrna, Ye.Markovski, O.Afanasieva, M.Homanyuk, A. Sumarokov, R.Krasnovyd, T.Andreeva

“Macaroni with Sugar” explores the social realities of Ukraine’s largely overlooked grey economy. Adapted from a series of interviews, the play captures the difficulties facing people who move into big cities hoping improve their lives. Often disrespected and forced into the lowest echelons of society, this class (precariat) operates on the margins without many legal the protections of the states. Each has their own unique challenges dealing with language, discrimination, and economic insecurity. Despite their differences, however, a common theme of struggle within a social landscape clearly not built with them in mind.

The structure of the play strings together a series of vignettes featuring the troupe’s talented cast presenting a dramatized retelling of real stories that playwright collected from workers themselves. These include tales of seasonal workers, illegal laborers, and the women who make a living on the internet conversing with foreign men. The discrete skits are punctuated by video excerpts of the original interviews, allowing the audience to see and compare the original inspiration and the cast’s creative interpretation. The skillful actors in the troupe tell these stories with grace and compassion, balancing the harsh realities of their characters’ struggle with an underlying humanity and sweetness (Joseph Haberman)

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