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Aliens: Afterward. 2017

Script – O.Astasieva

Director – M.Afanasiev

Composer – M.Homanyuk

Aktors – A.Sarkisov, Ju.Danylevska, Ye.Markovski, Ja.Lebedeva, M.Homanyuk, A.Sumarokov, R.Krasnovyd, T.Andreeva

Combining science fiction, comedic surrealism, and philosophical nihilism, “Aliens: Afterward” reimagines the ending of Ridley Scott’s classic Alien movie franchise. Lost on a ship in outer space, Lieutenant Ellen Ripley interacts with the remaining aliens on board to discuss the greater questions of existence. Featuring a lively cast of characters including disembodied heads, anthropomorphized androids, and the aliens themselves, the play presents a series of conversations striving to find meaning and value amidst our existential struggles to persist. Providing a lively backdrop to the dark tone of these conversations, rock-and-roll guitar solos and periodic cracks in the fourth wall keep the audience on its feet. In its own way, “Aliens” ask the audience to question its assumptions about the society we live in. How do we understand and value those around us? What kind of world is worth building together? While clear answers are not laid out for us, these plays force us to begin asking the right questions (Joseph Haberman).

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