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We continue to work in “liquid theater” style, which combines both principle of “liquid” TV and theater. We decided to name it as “liquid theater”, but we also could choose “short movie theater” or something else. So we are still thinking over its name, approaches and methods. We put our ideas into practice. After three years after “The Stockholm Syndrome” a premier of new triptych “Three Performances” was presented in the September 2015. The triptych included a remake “Apartment №22”, plastic art performance “Chips” and audiovisual performance “A trip to the NPP” (nuclear power plant). Though the works could be shown separately, but together they looked better. Illogical switching of the peformances (like in the liquid TV) reflects our mosaic world conception.    


The project has been already shown in 2015 in Kherson. The pefrormances were held in Kherson club-house “EGO”, in Lviv Theater festival “Vse inache”, in Munich Spielart festival (as a part of the lection about discussion platform in theater format ) and in Malokakhovka, in restaurant “At Aris”.


The performance was created in the frame of the project “Theater of mutual understanding” supported by International Renaissance Foundation.



Insight Dance Group



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